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Signature Meat

Quality assurance and customer satisfaction remain the core values of The “Signature” Pvt Ltd, and will be the driving force for all future initiatives. The company aims is to provide all kind of Halal meats to our meat eater community first time in Pakistan.


Halal Slaughtering

Meat Processing

Freezing & Chilling



Signature Meat

Introduction of the company:

“Signature” is the latest achievement by Pakistan Ostrich Company in introducing International standards in Fresh meat, ready-to-cook Poultary and Red meat products first time ever in Pakistan. ‘a range of healthy, nutritious and scrumptious organic meat products and ready to cook products is available.
We are launching our all sorts of Halal meat range on our outlet in 2017.Company is trying to do our level best in providing the fresh range of meats.Signature uniqueness is that first time in pakistan introducing our wide range of fresh Ostrich Meat in our outlets.

Kindly put your suggestions over here, if you feel anything which helps us to take on better step.Feel free to contact.